The church has been humming with construction activity all summer long. Several issues causing delays have been identified and corrected, and progress is being made on all fronts. We appreciate that everyone, and especially the staff, is suffering from construction fatigue. We ask for everyone’s patience over the next several months. When we cross the finish line it will be a joyful event!

Here is where the various elements of the construction project stand:

* Narthex: new doors and windows completed. New carpeting to be installed.

* First floor (Nursery school) bathrooms: will be completed with temporary partitions by September 2nd.

* Second floor bathrooms: awaiting partitions, and will be completed in early October.

* Kitchen: floor and hood vent complications have caused delays; anticipated date for completion early October.

* Clark Hall lift: to be installed mid-late September.

* Central stairs: steel structures are being installed.

* Elevator installation: awaiting completion of stairs. Elevator company will inspect site and announce installation schedule in early September (estimated to last 6 weeks from start date).

* Site work on driveway: repaving, new handicap parking spaces, and other improvements to be done in September/October.