Hancock is a proud partner of brother and sister congregations in the United Church of Christ.  We support with our finances, our energy and our prayers the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC which consists of hundreds of congregations around the state.  With them we engage in works of mission, learning and growth, and our ministers are strong participants in the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Program of the Conference.

On a national level, we are in covenant relationship with United Church of Christ congregations.  Together we are able to provide strong witness to the world of the Christian faith as we understand it: welcoming, inclusive, justice oriented, and spiritually guided.  In our tradition, it is the congregations who sustain these wider efforts, and we contribute financially toward this wider witness.

We believe that most church work is best accomplished in vital congregations, but we are pleased to join with partner congregations to accomplish together what none of us could alone.  To be a part of the UCC is to belong to a vibrant and challenging church, and Hancock is pleased to be regarded as a leading congregation in Massachusetts and the United States.