Spiritual Practices

At Hancock we think there are four essential spiritual practices…


1 – Worship – to celebrate the power, the presence, and the love of God for the world.  Worship can take many forms:

  • Prayer, both private and communal
  • Music, both listening and making music praises God
  • Silence, in a world of constant din, making time for silence opens doorways for God.
  • Proclamation, both preaching and testimony are important, saying what you perceive God is doing in your life, and listening to the witness of others

2 – Service – to give ones time and resources to those in need is an essential facet of Christian living.  It too takes many forms:

  • Contributing financially to the life of the church and to people in need creates generous hearts
  • Mission trips to distant places help us understand new cultures, and challenge the way we live, even as our efforts improve the lives of others.
  • Projects close to home give us the opportunity to be merciful, and thus be changed
  • Advocating for the changes needed to improve equality, make peace, and establish justice.

3 – Learning – enriches our understanding, and widens our perspective; God speaks in many ways to many people.  Again, many forms:

  • Formal classes
  • Daily reading of the Bible and/or reflections on faith
  • Conversation with others about what you’re learning

4 – Fellowship – Simply being with others, sharing the life of faith in a variety of ways:

  • Visiting and otherwise caring for church members in need.
  • Going to fellowship events, talking and sharing
  • Sharing your faith with others, in your own way, inviting them to join you at Hancock events.