New to Hancock?
What to Expect at Morning Worship and Evening Worship

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Morning Worship, Every Sunday at 10:00 am

Wonder Our Sunday morning service inspires wonder: about God, about ourselves, about the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Welcome Friendly faces greet you, and make you feel at home. Look around: see teens and toddlers, parents and grandparents, and single people of all ages.  Faith is new to some of us, and a life-long endeavor for others. Some are seeking; some know that they’ve been found. You’ll fit right in.

Look! Watch the sunlight dance through the stained glass. Ponder the beauty of the woodwork, and let the spaciousness of the sanctuary stir you.

Listen! The music of the organ and instruments of great variety will call to you. Vocal choirs of adults and children will inspire. Hand bell choirs for all ages will amaze and delight. But this is not mere performance.  Our music carries us beyond ourselves, into sweet realms of harmony and transcendence, where God makes us welcome.

Ponder. Bible stories, taken seriously, but not literally, suggest new ways of living. The preaching is thoughtful and engaging; not the last word on any subject, but a contribution to conversation. And prayer is offered: words to guide you, and silence for your own use.

Intimacy and awe, solitude and companionship, searching and finding. Come and see for yourself.

Before you enter our sanctuary, you will be greeted by an usher or Deacon. If you have any questions about how to find the bathrooms or the nursery, don’t hesistate to ask them! In the Narthex (the foyer outside the sanctuary), there are nametags that you can fill out if you’d like people to get to know your name. As you enter the sanctuary doors, an usher will hand you a bulletin. This is an instruction manual for worship service. You can follow the order of the service, the parts in bold are when the congregation reads or sings, the places where you see an asterix is when you stand. But don’t worry about getting it right the first time, just follow your neighbor and you’ll soon catch on! There are Bibles and hymnals in the pews. Sometimes there are not enough, so feel free to ask someone to share with you.

If you are worshiping with children, read our section on Families with Children.

After every worship service, there is a fellowship time in the Dining Room. Coffee, baked goods, and treats for children are free to enjoy. Join us!


Evening Worship, Every Sunday at 6:15pm

Evening Worship will resume September 7, 2014 with a Blessing of the Animals Service!


Follow your ears as the River Rock Band calls you into our worship space.  It’s candle lit, chairs for all curving around the table Jesus gave us, a family, your family, gathering to be fed, to share the news of the day, to be at home.

Our music is rich and varied, bluegrass and jazz, Celtic and soulful, rock and gospel.  It’s not performed for you, it involves you, whether you can sing a note or not.  Nothing stilted or stuffy, it’s the kind of music you love.

We share @ the Well.  If you want to, you can lift up the joys of your daily life, and express your gratitude for being alive.  If you need to, you can tell the truth about the pain and hurt that we all know.  If you can’t find the words you need, light a candle, and trust that God already knows them.  You’re safe here.  We are accustomed to telling the truth, and support each other in it.

There is food for the mind, too, reflections on Bible stories that will remind you that faith is really pretty simple: do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

And each week we break the communion bread, lift up the communion cup, the forgiving and transforming love of God made visible, shared by one and all without distinction.

Then the River Rock Band sends us back out, to live and to love, to serve and to grow.  We never leave the same as we came in.  God, you see, is very, very good.

As you enter Clark Hall, you’ll see a welcome table. Feel free to take a minute and fill out a nametag. Then find a seat in the semi-circle. There’s no paper bulletin for this service, instead you’ll see the words for the songs and the Scripture passage on the projected slides. We serve communion each week at The Well. Everyone is welcome to participate, there are no barriers to God’s table! After the minister invites people to come forward, stand and join the line, rip off a piece of bread and dip it into the cup of grape juice and then eat immediately. Then find your way back to your seat.

If you are worshiping with children, read our section on Families with Children.