We’re different from a lot of churches…

Hancock Front

We don’t tell people what they have to believe. Every individual has the right to sort things through, and to believe as they think wise. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally. We don’t ask you to throw away science, or to stop thinking critically, even about our precious biblical stories. Our ministers are guides, companions for your journey, fellow seekers, and we support and guide one another on the journey we call faith. What holds us together is not a creed to be believed, but a covenant of relationship to be lived and enjoyed.


Hancock Grills 2013

Our Covenant of Welcome makes clear that all are welcome, just as they are. You don’t have to change who you are or what you believe in order to join us, but you should expect that what you experience in our community will transform you. God can work through you just as easily as through any one of us, and so community is at the heart of all we are and do.

We believe that God is still speaking, but because no one ever hears God perfectly, we talk, worship, learn and serve together, discerning as we go. God is not finished with you or me, or with this world, and we seek to live in harmony with what God desires now and always: deep joy, enduring hope, peace with justice, and compassion for all.