Christmas Cookie Sale

Support The Women’s Lunch Place, the only shelter in MA that celebrates birthdays!

Buy a Cookie Plate this Sunday!

birthday cookie

Back by popular demand! The Christmas Cookie Sale, for which we are taking advance orders during coffee hour, benefits The Women’s Lunch Place in Boston, one of the organizations that Hancock supports to address hunger and homelessness. They serve between 150-200 women and children daily.  They provide breakfast and lunch, a napping room (for those up all night on the streets), laundry and shower facilities, a legal assistance program, and free health care.


Each $10 you give for a plate of homemade Christmas cookies goes to fund The Women’s Lunch Place’s Birthday Program. They are the only shelter in Massachusetts that celebrates birthdays. On the last Friday of every month, they have a cake for all women having birthdays. They give a small special gift like cologne, or a personalized backpack. The Director told us that one woman had tears in her eyes she was so happy to receive the backpack.

“I am so tired of walking around carrying plastic bags!” The Director added, “Many of these women have indentations on their shoulders and backs from carrying their belongings day after day.” She continued, “Thank Hancock so much. It means a lot to the women that people in the area are concerned about them. It’s the little things like birthday celebrations that make the difference between us being a shelter versus a community for these women.”


In the past, people in our congregation have bought a plate as a hostess gift when invited for dinner, a holiday gift for a neighbor or a person they want to especially remember during the season, to take to work to share, as a Yankee Swap or grab bag gift. If you prefer, Hancock will take a plate of cookies in your name when members sing carols at homes of folks who can’t make it to church. And we won’t stop you if you just want to donate money to The Women’s Lunch Place and forgo the cookies!


Look for our table Sunday at coffee hour to order and pay for your cookies and then pick up your cookies at The Women’s Lunch Place table at the Holiday Fair on December 7th. For more information, contact Amy Swanson, CeCe Potter, Lisa Sandeen, or Linda Kilner Olivier.