Celebrating Advent
Week 1: “Buckeyes”
Nancy Rottman

Here in the east we tend to think of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. But in Ohio, it is all about Buckeyes, and I married an Ohioan. No, we don’t roast buckeyes but it is an Ohio tradition to make a cookie/candy version of the Buckeye seed. This is a ridiculously sweet peanut butter and sugar confection dipped in chocolate that probably should be outlawed rather than made by the dozens. But, make them we do. I inherited the making of Buckeyes from my mother-in-law and it is a family tradition that brings us all together because many hands make light work.

buckeycandyEach year new people are added to our distribution list and my family has to consider sharing more and hoarding less for themselves! While we stand around the kitchen rolling the dough into balls we share stories of years past, play Christmas carols, or watch a movie together. And the dipping process, which was always mom’s job over a hot stove, has been lovingly past to our now adult children and I know they will carry this tradition into their own families when the time comes. Sharing our food traditions is a great way to remember family members who have left us. Specific dishes and recipes also highlight the different ethnic and cultural traditions that are part of our family heritage and provide opportunities to share family stories and create new memories. What holiday food traditions do you share in your family and with your neighbors and friends?

Thank you, God for the blessing of family traditions and the stories of our beloved ones that bind us together.  May this advent season of preparation and expectation be one of remembrance of what was, enjoyment of what is, and anticipation of what is to come.