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Blessing of the Animals
Opening Night @the Well
Clark Hall

Together, we will celebrate the importance of animals in our lives and give thanks for the wonder of God’s creation. Bring your pet and your family to a special service of prayer, blessing, and readings. All animlas are welcome! Pet treats and human treats will be provided! Worship @the Well is an alternative , evening service where we share joys and concerns, light candles, and take communion. Contact or call (781) 862-4220 for more information!

Last year was our first Blessing of the Animals service! We had a big crowd, lovely pets, and great music from the River Rock Band!

paul bless dog

Rev. Paul Shupe blesses a beautiful pup!

blessing animals set up

Acting Minister Pam Cochrane and Seminarian Becca Lockwood greet people and hand out pet treats.

blessing animals river rock

The River Rock Band plays pet friendly music for the special guests.

blessing animals 1

At Worship @the Well, chairs are set up in a semi-circle in Clark Hall.

blessing animals 3

At Worship @the Well, chairs are set up in a semi-circle so everyone can see each other and the River Rock Band.

lighting candles

Sharing Joys and Concerns and Lighting Candles are a part of every Worship @the Well service.

blessinganimals cat

Pets of all kinds came to the Blessing of the Animals Service!

blessing animals dog

One of our special guests at the Blessing of the Animals service.

otter stand

If you have a special pet who cannot come to the service, please bring a picture to share! Singer Meg Stone taped a picture of a seal to her music stand!