Lenten Devotional for March 14, 2014
by Paul Shupe
“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”
                                                               – Jesus, according to Matthew 5:7
Once in an ethics class, my professor asked for a show of hands: “How many want to see justice done?”  All hands shot into the air, including mine.  All but one guy in the back.  “What’s the matter, Mr. Horner?” the professor asked, “Don’t you want to see justice done?”  “No,” Andy replied, “I’m holding out for mercy.”  And so it was revealed that we had at least one wise person in the room; all of us might be wise to seek mercy first, lest we be judged.  But it may be that mercy is the seed of the tree of justice.  That being moved to respond to the need of another is the first step toward making a world with less need and more opportunity for all.  Perhaps to be merciful not only opens the door to receiving mercy for ourselves in our time of need, but creates the possibility of reducing all human need.  Let us open our eyes, and our hearts, to the need of another, and be moved to mercy.