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The Hancock Weekly emails archive is available HERE.


Constitution By laws 2014

Best Practices for Committee Leaders


Annual Meeting 2016

Spring Meeting 2016

Spring Meeting Supplement: Prudential Committee Report


Annual Report 2015

Spring Meeting 2015

Spring Meeting 2015 Addendum
This document contains the Nominating Slate and Agenda from the 2015 Spring Meeting.

2015 Celebration Sunday


Advent Brochure 2014 web

Hancock Herald Fall 2014 web

Spring Report 2014 web

Lenten Brochure 2014-web


Hancock Herald 2013 v2,2

Spring Meeting 2013 website

Includes reports from the Senior Minister, and updates from all major programmatic committees at Hancock for the program year.

2013 Spring Meeting Nominating Slate proposed

The by-laws require that the proposed list of candidates appointed by the nominating committee be posted in advance of the Spring Meeting.  The list of proposed nominations is available here.

2013 Spring Meeting Warrant

The Warrant for Spring Meeting states the five articles of business to be considered at the meeting on May 19th, submitted by Clerk Martha Sheridan.  This document also contains a description of proposed changes to the by-laws involving an elimination of the position of Registrar and an assignment of the duties of that position to the Clerk for the congregation’s informed consideration.


Includes reports from the Minister and Senior Minister, Moderator, Registrar, Human Resources Committee Chair, Stewardship Committee, Endowment Committee, Finance Committee, Treasurer, Building Committee, and Capital Campaign Treasurers. 

2013 Budget for Annual Meeting

Background on borrowing proposal

Building Committee Proposals January 2013

The Building Committee has proposed several additions to the Base Project.  Read about the suggested improvements to the kitchen, audio-visual systems, and Christian Education Wing here. 


December Building Committee Update 2012

The Building Committee has been working throughout the fall to advance our Growing for Good building project.  A progress report has been posted on our website, and can be read here.

Narrative Budget: Doing God’s Work

Hancock’s illustrated annual budget, highlighting our activities and accomplishments, and showing how our income is used across our five principle ministries of Worship, Education, Mission, Congregational Care, and Community Outreach

2011 Annual Report

Reports, proposed budget for 2012 and 50-year member biographies from the January 2012 Annual Meeting.




Hancock Safe Church Policy

Hancock’s Safe Church policy was the product of the Safe Church Ministry Team in 2010, which sought to provide guidelines for the creation of a safe church environment for members, employees, and guests in our building and in our faith community.  It is a living document meant for appropriate revisions in rapidly changing world.  We welcome other faith communities to use the policies and procedures we have established here as guidelines, or to adapt them in crafting their own policies.