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The Times I Feel God’s Presence in Our Church: God is with me when I visit my home bound friends–those that were once active at Hancock, but can no longer get there.  God is with me when Hancock members pray for me and my health issues.  He is there when they offer to help with meals, rides, visiting.  God is with me when I walk with my Hancock friends around Lexington or on the beach.  God is with me during worship on Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary and at the Well.  God is with me when I pray for others in church, at home, and with the Congregational Care team.

A Faith Story by Carol Bukys

Alex’s Sermon on Congregational Care Sunday, 2014

holding hands-1For almost 150, Hancock Church has lived into our calling of loving, caring for, and serving our brothers and sisters. We do that today through knitting prayer shawls, making phone calls, delivering meals, and, of course, praying – just to name a few. It’s easy to think of congregational care as a set of tasks, but it’s really about a way of life in covenant. In a world that encourages us to keep our heads down and keep moving, congregational care invites us to slow down and look around. We might be surprised what we learn about ourselves and our faith when we incorporate simple acts of loving kindness into our lives.

Here at Hancock, we have two broad congregational care groups:

Care Team

Care Committee

Everyone in the congregation! A small group of 5-7 who coordinate
the ministries of care.

That’s right: We’re all called to care for one another. However, many members of the Care Team are broken down into further, specialized ministries. Here are a few of the ministries here at Hancock:

Ride Ministry

Anyone who attends one of the worship services at Hancock knows how important it is to worship in a community. Some of our members are only able to attend worship when they are driven by someone else. To help facilitate this ministry we use “Sign Up Genius,” an online based platform that allows church members and friends to register their availability to drive someone on upcoming Sundays.

The link will show you the upcoming services/events at Hancock and the times. If you think you’ll be available, just select “sign up” next to the event. When you’ve selected all the spots you’re available for, click the big “submit and sign up” button at the bottom. The next page will show you a confirmation of what you clicked and will ask for your name and email. Don’t worry, the website is simply going to send that information to me so I know who signed up. Lastly, click the “Sign up now!” button and you’ll be all set! As we get closer to the Sunday, I’ll check in to see if you’re still available.

If you’re someone who needs a ride, please don’t hesitate to email:

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer shawls are tangible signs of God’s love, knitted by members and friends of Hancock Church. They are given to those who are mourning, ill, facing or recovering from surgery, or dealing with a particular hardship. They are also given on the occasion of someone’s baptism. If you would like to knit and pray, reach out to the congregational care committee for yarn. You can also get some patterns or just use your favorites!

Visitation/Phone Call/Card Writing Ministry

Whether one is unable to leave their home due to mobility difficulty or temporary illness, a “check-in” from a loving face and listening ear can make the world of difference. Here are Hancock, we encourage and empower one another to make occasional phone calls and visits. While it may sound intimidating, it’s much easier than it sounds! Just imagine yourself welcoming a visit or call: What expectations would you have if someone just reached out to “check-in?” You’d likely just feel grateful. By taking part in this ministry, you can give that gift to someone else.

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Sunday Flower Ministry

Have you ever wondered what happens to those beautiful flowers after every Sunday morning service? They are broken into small bouquets and delivered to members and friends of our congregation! Like the prayer shawls, they represent a sign of God’s love and are sure to brighten up someone’s day. Those involved usually sign up for one Sunday a year. It’s a great ministry for a family to do together! You can sign up for a Sunday using a Google Doc by clicking here and adding your name and contact info!

Memorial Reception Ministry – “Hancock Angels”

Have you ever attended a memorial service here at Hancock? After the service, everyone is typically invited to gather for a memorial reception. These receptions are prepared by members of Hancock Church – we like to call them the “Hancock Angels.” While this ministry isn’t always in the spotlight, it is so important to grieving families.

Caregivers Support Ministry

Are you currently, or have you previously, cared for an aging or ill parent, sibling, spouse or other loved one? If you feel alone, know there are countless others at Hancock in the same situation. We invite caregivers, past and present, to come together monthly for a meal and fellowship. Some months are programmed, others are more informal and “check-in” oriented. Past topics have included tips on winter preparation and estate planning. If you would like to join us, send an email to the congregational care coordinator by clicking here.

If you’d like to get involved with any of these ministries or would like to share the ways you are caring for one another, please fill out this simple form. The staff would love to hear from you.


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