Hancock is my place to pause…and breathe…The soaring height of the sanctuary, the beautiful stained glass windows, the beautiful music…as well as the silences for contemplation…prepare me for listening and learning during each week’s service, as I continue my faith journey with this community of individuals that I love and respect so much.  The sermons and lessons, in the presence of this particular, very special community, call me to be my better, more generous, more kind self, and make it seem possible to go out and do God’s work in the world, one step and one day at a time.  It seems possible because I see so many of my fellow Hancock members doing just that, and I am awed, over and over again.  –A Faith Story by Sally Wyman




The Apostle Paul long ago compared belonging to the church with being a part of the human body.  The arm, the eye, the leg: all belong to the same body.  They have different functions, which the entire body relies upon.  No single part is more important than any other, he noted, for without the eyes the legs and arms cannot see, and without the legs the eyes cannot move.  Each part is different, each one is essential.

So it continues to be at Hancock UCC.  Each man, woman or child who belongs at Hancock is essential for the good of the whole body.  We can’t be who we need to be without you.  And all of us, working together with shared vision and commitment can accomplish more good than anyone of us could do alone.

Belonging at Hancock means that you have other members of the body who care for you.  They will be there for you: laughing with you when you are joyful, and crying with you when you are hurting.  When you belong you can count upon the other parts of the community to teach you, to care for you, to work with you, and to share with you in becoming more faithful in response to God, in harmony with what Jesus taught.

And belonging at Hancock means that you are needed.  Needed to teach, to lead, to follow, to care.  What others provide for you, you provide for them as well.  Belonging at Hancock means taking part faithfully in worship, in learning, in serving others, and in building the community.  Belonging at Hancock means contributing, as fully as you are able, to the needs of the church, including your time, your talents, and your financial resources.

It is often said that God has no hands in this world but yours; at Hancock, we think that’s true.  And each of us, belonging as we do to God and to one another, contribute what we can, receive blessings beyond measure, and do more together than any of us could do alone.  Come!  Belong.