December 12, 2014
by: Alex Shea Will

Advent is never a very long season, We only get about three weeks to prepare our hearts for Christmas, and in truth, it never seems like enough time. I can’t tell you how many Advent seasons I’ve gotten about halfway through and thought: “I’m letting it all rush by, again!”

It was only two days ago, just about the middle of Advent, when I caught myself thinking about how I’m letting it rush by…again. Then it happened. I got sick. I mean, lay in bed all day headache that no medicine can cure sick. In fact, as I write this post, I’m sitting in the same sweatpants I’ve been in all day, because I’m sick.

When I felt it coming on last night, I was furious. “I have to write a sermon!” “We’re going caroling on Sunday!” “The poinsettias are being delivered on Saturday!” I don’t have time to be sick!

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post to guilt anyone into helping me – I doubt you’d want to write a sermon, anyway. The funny thing about time is that it doesn’t simply slow down or stop. We have to slow down or stop. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, we’re all busy, but it’s good for us. (Remember when God rested on the seventh day and it was all “good?”) While I didn’t choose to stop today, I did take the opportunity to sit with Advent for a bit. To open my heart to the new and wondrous thing God is preparing to do in Christmas. Don’t wait until you’re sick. Make time now. It’ll feel good.

Will you pray with me?
Dear God, you know how busy we are. Remind us that our business is never more important than the good work of rest and introspection. Amen.