“Unconditional Love”

Friday, December 8

Marilyn Becker, Associate Director of Music & Organist 

In August my family traveled to Houston to await the birth of our first grandchild. We came to witness and support the formation of a new family, full of love for this baby that no one had met. There were months of preparation, physical and mental; waiting, watching, wondering, worrying. The baby arrived amid floods, winds, and tornadoes. Not in the cozy birth center, but in a big hospital, delivered by strangers. But there he was, finally here. And we loved him. Not for anything he had done, or promised, just because he exists. Unconditional love, we love him, and he loves us, just the way we are.

This Advent we re-experience that anticipation of unconditional love anew. A re-set. All is possible. All is Love.