Advent at Hancock 2013

View our entire Advent in Worship…Advent at Home brochure: Advent 2013 online (PDF)

December 1 The First Sunday of Advent will celebrate hope in worship, and the place and role of food in our celebrations.

December 8 The Second Sunday of Advent will celebrate peace in worship, and the giving of gifts through our annual Manger Sunday procession. At home, we’ll help you think about giving and receiving gifts that sustain and bring joy.

Advent Wreath-almost square

December 9 Monday evening at 7:30, we’ll create a worship space and time for those who are grieving or whose lives seem filled with pain or confusion. Our annual Blue Christmas worship reminds us that even in the midst of our pain, even if we are not ready to sing and celebrate, still the Good News of God’s love for us at Christmas is real and powerful.

December 15 The Third Sunday of Advent will celebrate joy in worship and the sounds of the season. We’ll bring the great music of the season to life in your home through carols.

December 22 The Fourth Sunday of Advent will celebrate love in worship and the importance of love at home. Whether through physical gathering, or the blessings of memories of ones who are distant, or who have died; we await our reunion with loved ones.

December 24 Christmas Eve, we’ll worship with lessons and carols at Hancock, and share in the sights and sounds and smells of Christmas at home. Rejoicing in that the gifts Jesus brings are not abstract or theoretical­—but as concrete as a shared meal, a song sung well, and a home for all.

Advent Blessings and Merry Christmas
from your staff at Hancock!