Welcome to Hancock Church!

Welcome to Hancock Church!

Hancock Church at 1912 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA Avenue is located right on the green in the center of Lexington. 

In the Spring of 2015, we finished a large construction project to make our building fully ADA compliant and more welcoming to all! While the centerpiece of this project was the installation of our elevator, our work also included: accessible bathrooms on the first, second and third floors, a new kitchen, and renovation of the Children’s Education Wing – now know as the Commons. We are proud that every one of these new and renovated spaces are now available to everyone who visits our building. We hope you’ll join us some day soon and allow us to take you on a tour!


front entrance

The front entrance to our building, off of Mass. Ave

The photo to the right is the main entrance to our building and closest entrance to our elevator. The elevator can take you wherever you need to go, including the sanctuary. If you enter from the back parking lot, a stair lift is available at the back entrance.  If you come during the evening for activities other than for worship services or major events, please use our accessible rear entrance from the parking lot as the front door is usually locked after office hours. Additionally, we have a “drop off” accessible entrance on the left, entrance driveway side of the church with direct access to the sanctuary, available for use on Sundays and other special services.


A parking lot with 61 spaces, including 4 designated handicap spaces, is located behind the building. It is accessed by the driveway on the left side of our building.  Our driveway is a one-way loop around the building, exiting on the right side of the building.

  • Two handicap spaces are located on the right side of the “out” driveway near the front of the building.
  • Two handicap spaces are in back parking lot closest to the back door.
  • A “drop off zone” is near the side handicap entrance to the sanctuary, located beyond the archway on the left “in” driveway side, about halfway to the back of the building. (This entrance is only available for use for Sunday services and other major events held in the Sanctuary.)

Accessible Restrooms 

There are handicap restrooms on the first floor near the elevator, on the second floor in the hallway just inside the fire doors at the top of the back stairs, and on the third floor near the elevator. Ask one of our staff or one of the ushers on Sunday mornings to help you find them. 

Hearing Assists and Large Print Bulletins 

The church hearing assist units are available on Sunday mornings for use in the Sanctuary. Pick one up in the Narthex on your way to the service or ask an usher to provide you with one. Hearing assists are also available for other events in our sanctuary. Large print bulletins are available every Sunday.


Hancock Church 1912 Massachusetts Avenue Lexington MA 02421  

    Nearby Parking (parking areas are marked in blue)