December 21st, 2012

Advent Devotional by Becca Lockwood

Together in Faith

A Deep Sense of Joy

The deepest sense of joy I feel is being together. Whoever is gathered, whether it is the whole congregation, close family and friends, or colleagues,  I am filled with a sense of deep joy when I witness our togetherness. It is part of what draws me to Christianity; it is grounded in community. Christianity is about one’s own faith, but it is also about a people living as God intended them to: in harmony. I think of joy as a deep sense of contentment; something where laughter is the natural result.

Another lesson that Advent teaches us is how to be together in our faith. Advent, as ever, is a time to pause and create space for the mysteries of God to unfold in our lives. But it is also a time to witness that in our brothers and sisters. Witnessing the miracles of God for each other, and ourselves, fuses our community. We can offer each other courage and strength as we wait and work towards creating the intended beloved community. We must work and revel in this journey together. We are social beings, not meant to be alone.

Let us remember, that while our journey through life is not always easy, we are never alone. We are a community that cares for each other. We are a community that works towards creating peace and justice. We are a community. We are together, and in that we can all find a deep sense of joy.